Filippo Preziosi "We Developed The Bike In Valencia Just For Pilots Satellite"

Friday, February 10, 2012

Remember the debut of the new GP12 with external frame? It happened the first day of November, immediately after the last GP of the 2011 season, at Valencia. Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden tried for the first time a Ducati with a twin spar aluminum frame and were quite satisfied, although time proved to be in line with the previous season, with the monocoque.

Filippo Preziosi, Ducati has recently outlined the strategy for 2012 assuming that the bikes tested in Valencia later this year would be assigned to the satellite drivers , and that the final view of GP12 in Sepang was a side project already started: "We developed the bike in Valencia especially for drivers satellite, we relied on the results of this test, and then we took a bike in Sepang just for private teams. Hector is very happy with the new bike and is the fastest of the private

The electronics are the same as the officers, but all engineers will choose what they like, what they think is best for their driver, but the system remains the same. Our strategy is to develop new elements for the officers and when we are sure of their reliability will be offering satellite team. Then the performance will depend on the money and if they decide to mount them or not. I think Hector is happy and aware of the potential of the bike "

Basically Preziosi admits that there will be two completely different GP12 on track . The question we ask is referring to the diagram of the engine. If the sight of Valencia is a version with a 90 ° L engine, and the Sepang has a completely different engine and with the angle of bank closer, Ducati will race this year with two different architectures for motor officers and satellites?
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