Gino Borsoi and CRT, "A Challenge in Which We Believe"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

MotoGP , Championship 2012: The new regulation brings the CRT in the premier class of MotoGP. So many question marks, so much curiosity in front of a risky project, which will no doubt difficult but fascinating experts and enthusiasts. interviewed Gino Borsoi , Sports Director Jorge Martinez Aspar team, who will race with Randy de Puniet and Aleix Espargaro.

Q: At what point are you with the development of the bike? Are focusing the work of a single prototype, or both? A: "We are already working on two motorcycles, among other things, one should already be ready for testing later this month in Valencia . This should be the ultimate bike for the frame and swingarm while the fairing and other respects it is only a first step. For the second prototype is likely to reuse the old frame, even for the chance to make a comparison in performance with the new one. "

Q: What is there more than on the prototype used by Randy testing in Valencia last November? A: "Again we have the frame, swingarm, carbon discs and some improvements as regards the weight, 3 - 4 pounds lighter. But all the same with regard to the electronics and the engine. We will also have a fairing completely renovated in the front. "

Q: How prepared are you and Aleix Randy? "Randy is resting in Australia after the operation it is submitted shortly before the end of the year to resolve a small physical problem. The surgery went very well and is now recovering and doing physical training in view of the Valencia test. Aleix but often turns motocross, devoting much of his time to this type of training. "

Q: We are still far from the start of the championship, but what are the goals for 2012? A: "Clearly the focus is in the best possible debut in this new category. We would like to play a season where you can stay ahead of all other CRT on the track. This is our basic idea. If then some circuit slower, maybe a little more 'crooked', we get closer to the bikes, so be it. "

Q: How do you personally in the CRT? A: "I think they are the future. By now you must open a road and follow this path, given how new regulations imposed by Dorna. Personally I believe a lot in this project, and I am convinced that the teams should begin to have the bikes on the property, working with their forces, with the professionalism and experience of its engineers. It is clear that fighting with the official team will be very difficult, because in addition to their budgets have a wealth of knowledge appropriate to put on the track bike definitely more efficient. With the advent of CRT, the team is obliged to manage the prototype, and the question to know the electronic engines, for example. It is definitely a difficult step but very exciting. "

Q: How will it change now your role within the team? R: "will certainly take much longer, because before we had a single partner, Ducati, who gave us the bike, leaving it to us to manage it for the duration of season. Now, with the advent of CRT, we must think of a more comprehensive management of the prototype, and then dedicating the theme engines, chassis, electronics, suspensions ... will therefore be administered to 360 degrees, with the difficulty of the case attached. "
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