Gabriele Del Torchio, "The United States Became The First Market For Ducati"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gabriele Del Torchio is the proponent of a business revival. From 5 years in command of the red Ducati, the manager has been able to interpret the demands of the market by embracing new ways of doing motion, by changing the route to all Ducati to ride the wave of the crisis without plunging into its depths. There is some merit in this, and the numbers prove it.

"Despite the crisis, for us in 2011 was a record year, during which we have been constantly growing. Compared to 2010 we totolazzato a +21% in our turnover, 42,200 registered motorcycles (80% on the previous year) and saw our market share by two percentage points widening. " Del Torchio said.

Growth in the state by state is impossible to overlook the value of the United States, which have overtaken Italy and became the target market for Ducati: "The penetration of foreign markets is an integral part of the Ducati a long time. The Ducati parked on the streets of the U.S. compared to Japan? The difference is overwhelming to us 10 to 0. It 'a success that we managed to get the U.S. market, which makes us proud and that adds to +30% in Germany and the doubling in the Far East. In Italy, of course, things went less well (-5% compared to last year) but the decline was still much lower than the market as a whole (20% approximately). "
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