Alpinestars Tech Air Race Has, The Overalls With Integrated System Airbag

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another innovation in the field of driver safety on the track. To protect this time is the new suit created after 10 years of studies and research from Alpinestars , and it's all made ​​in Italy! It 'was presented in Milan last week, before a large audience of journalists and the presence of the great Randy Mamola . It's called Air Race-Tech and is a suit for the last generation born track use, as it has been tested over the years even from the MotoGP riders. The peculiarities and the main feature of this suit is the built-in airbags, located at shoulder height and can reduce the possibility of damage if dropped.

The research started back in 2001, with extensive testing on the track and many other proposals. Eventually, about two years ago, Alpinestars has finally opted for a solution airbags managed by an electronic and fully autonomous (wireless system). The suit is the backbone of the entire system and allows the pilot to turn the track light, comfortable and with maximum security "shoulder" . The end result is a patented system called Dual Charge : airbag specifically designed by the shoulders and a dual charging system with cold gas ignition fireworks. In this way the rider can count on to have another chance to protection in the event of a fall and immediately return to the saddle.

At this point one would think why the Tech-Air Race is limited to the protection of the shoulders. Ten years of study served just that, and that is to be found (after a careful collection of data) that in most of the falls on the track, the pilot suffered damage mainly to the upper torso , just behind. The same technology used for the protection of the shoulders could be used in other more delicate parts of the body, but of course the increased use also means more weight, which would have greatly affected the comfort in the seat. For this reason, the innovative proposal to suit Alpinestars has been specifically designed for use only on the track.

But we go down in detail and see how this modern system. The "hump" of the suit encloses the brain of the system: a powerful microprocessor connected to a form of inflation and powered by an internal battery. The module is in turn connected to two airbags fitted at the shoulders and placed the same way as normal rigid protection.

The system to be activated, based on the movements of the pilot. Once he got into the saddle and start walking, the microprocessor weapon system that begins to exchange data with sensors placed on the arms and legs. If the movements of the driver exceeds a predetermined level by the microprocessor, the system is activated immediately and the airbag inflates with 2.8 liters of gas in just 45 milliseconds , and keeps them inflated for 5 seconds. If, following a fall, the pilot wants to go back in the saddle and continue the race, the system takes only 60 seconds to fully recharge, and fails to protect the shoulders of the pilot in case of a subsequent fall. The system features up to 8 hours and is recharged via a regular electrical outlet.

Of course, the driver is constantly informed about the status of the system once activated. Thanks to an interface LED located on the left forearm of the suit, the pilot is informed of the charge levels and any system failures. Of course all this technology comes at a price: Alpinestars this innovative system offers protection to Euro 6000. Certainly not "peanuts" , but the value is truly remarkable. Thinking a moment, what is a professional pilot for a scapula, clavicle dislocated or fractured? We all know how this can affect a championship, so we might as well make a little 'teeth and deal with some spending more, getting more protection on the track with the full support of Alpinestars Tech Air Support Team.
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