UK Police Find Drugs, Gun in Kawasaki Superbike Truck

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Drug dealers have now found a great way of transporting their “goods” from one destination to another. Well, for all we know, they may have been doing it for years, but it's only this weekend that a police check in the UK found some drugs and a gun in a truck belonging to a World Superbike series team.

According to the Telegraph daily in Great Britain, Kawasaki's transporter was stopped by the police for a routine check in Dover this past weekend (on its way from Italy to the UK) and the findings were interesting.

The aforementioned source notes that, alongside the team's equipment, the police found 18lbs (8kg) of cocaine, 157lbs (71kg) of amphetamine tablets and more than 220lbs (100kg) of cannabis, together with a handgun and 35 rounds of ammunition.

Paul Bird Motorsport later found out that 4 of its mechanics were arrested by the UK police on suspicion of firearms offences and importing controlled drugs. In the meantime, their bail has been paid and they are now free.

While the police are still investigating the matter, it seems the incident will affect other motor racing teams that will transport their material across the UK.

“Our intelligence analysts will be looking much more closely at motor sport vehicles from now on, including Superbikes and even Formula 1,” stated a source at the UK Border Agency. “They have been pulled over very rarely and that will now change.”

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