World Superbikes : Velocity Racing GSX-R 1000

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Velocity Racing are offering a turbo kit for the Suzuki GSX-R1000. The company has, in the past, made some of the fastest streetbikes in the world.

Velocity Racing’s kit has been designed to bolt straight on to a stock bike – apart from heavier clutch springs, no other engine modifications are n
eeded. The bike’s swingarm needs to be lengthened and braced for added strength.

With 8psi (about 0.55 bar) of boost, the turbocharged GSX-R1000 will make 250 horsepower and will accelerate from zero to 270km/h in 8.63 seconds. The full system costs about US$4,000.

Paolo Tiramani. He thought we might want to see his new GSX-R1000. He bought it last month and thought, “Hmm, … nice bike, a little short on power.” So he packed it off to Velocity Racing to see if they might be able to tweak it a bit, you know, so it could at least keep up with traffic. The boys at Velocity took a look and prescribed one of their turbo systems and now it keeps up with traffic very well, there’s even enough power for passing. With 258 hp at the rear wheel, the turbo, with a manageable 8 pounds of boost, begins to assist in the area of 6000 rpm and continues on to the 13k redline. But what you should keep in mind is power to weight, the horsepower to ton ratio for the Bugatti Veyron, until very recently the fastest street legal production car, is 240, a Formula 1 car 582, this bad boy is in the high 600s. (Correction: The numbers above for hp per ton are wrong. The bike is 1290 to 1500 depending on wheel or engine hp. The F1 car is 1143, the Veyron is 475.) Think about that. This motorcycle, while a very high performance machine and very well done is not unlike other similarly equipped bikes.
While your neighbor’s Prius may get a few more miles per gallon, nothing, except another motorcycle, will come anywhere near the performance offered by a bike like this. You can buy a new bike, add a turbo, still get great mileage, have performance that rivals anything on wheels and not spend much more than you would for well equipped economy car. What’s not to like?

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