Brembo Brake Kit for World Superbikes

Sunday, May 17, 2009

When it comes to aftermarket brakes, there is only one choice: Brembo. If you look carefully at MotoGP bikes, World SuperBikes or even special edition production sportbikes, you will find only Brembo. The Brembo catalog is massive, covering everything from front and rear brake calipers, brake rotors and radial master cylinders to even the little reservoirs that hold your brake fluid. Check out the list below to see what we carry:

Radial Front Brake Master Cylinders - Brembo radial brake master cylinders come in different specifications that allow you to customize the amount of feel and braking power from your brake lever. Other features include folding levers, extra bleeder valves and CNC-refinement. Check out the 19x18 Folding Radial Master Cylinder that we carry, it's the exact same lever as used by Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden.

Radial Clutch Master Cylinder - Brembo radial clutch master cylinders offer the same benefits as the brake master cylinders except that they are only available for sportbikes with hydraulic clutch systems (as opposed to a cable system). Be sure to check your bike before ordering.

Rear Brake Master Cylinder - Even though the rear brakes only provide 30% of total braking power, Brembo still engineers a top of the line rear master cylinder upgrade. This is an exclusive race part and may require custom brackets for install.

the rear caliper provides only 30% of total braking power, Brembo still puts in 100% effort into their design and construction. They even have a four pads rear calipers, unheard of! Until now.

High Performance Front Brake Caliper Kits - The perfect blend of performance and price, make upgrading your front calipers easy with Brembo High Performance Front Brake Caliper Kits. These kits contain Brembo's universal billet two-pad two-piece calipers and any additional mounting equipment. Available in 108mm spacing for Japanese sportbikes and 100mm spacing for Italian sportbikes.

High Performance Rear Caliper and Kits - The perfect blend of performance and price, Brembo now offers an easy upgrade kit for your rear calipers as well, allowing you to match your front calipers in performance and looks. Brand new for 2008!

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